"It's Too Loud!" "But I can't hear it!"

Do you ever argue about who controls your TV set's volume? New Earglasses® Sound Magnifiers may be the answer. These simple and inexpensive little acoustic lenses boost the apparent volume of any sounds that you face. And they do it for less than $5 per ear! They work in a completely natural way. No batteries or cheap electronics get in the way of helping you to hear more. They can even improve how hearing aids sound. This device is so unique, it's protected by two United States patents. Both product and package are made in the United States from recycled and recyclable materials.

If you'd like to hear what Earglasses® Sound Magnifiers can do to boost your hearing, just cup your hands behind your ears. Earglasses® lenses operate in the same way. But they work even better, because your arms won't get tired! You may even be pleasantly surprised at how people react when they see you wearing them in order to hear better at a play or a concert. Strangers are just as likely to ask you where to get their own Earglasses® lenses as to comment on their distinctive appearance.

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Hear How They Work

To hear how much Earglasses® lenses can amplify sound, click here.

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